Creating Sustainable Fashion Brands
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Why Sustainable Fashion Brands?

The multi-billion-dollar fashion industry contributes a lot to global economy with employment, money and value exchange.

However, the Fashion Industry is not perfect either as it is not able to shrug-off the tag “2nd most polluting industry” in the World.

1.2 Million
Tons of carbon/Year
Contribution of Global Carbon emission
Contribution towards Global Wastewater
Oil Barrels per Year To make polyester
About us
Knowingly or unknowingly the Fashion Industry plays its role in adversely impacting our Environment.

However, if we start addressing the environmental and social problems created by the fashion industry by 2030, along with invaluable benefits to the Environment, the Industry would create $192 billion in profit, benefiting the global economy.

As sustainable consultants, our services help various segments deliver positive impact for their businesses, the supply chain and the environment.

Let’s Redefine your Sustainability Strategy

Segment Focused Sustainable Solutions

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