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About Us
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Anamika Sengupta

Mindfully Sustainabile LTD, UK

“I am committed to make sustainability simple, practical and result-oriented for businesses.”

About Us

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Having worked in the Fashion Industry for over two decades, Anamika witnessed first-hand the irreversible changes the industry has been imposing on the environment. In her inexpert efforts to change the macro dynamics, she was helpless and understood that the entire system, beliefs, culture and business practices need to be reimagined from the ground up.

Anamika recognised the immense and imminent need for businesses to meet the changing expectations of their environmental impacts. On the other side, businesses do struggle to strike a balance with profitability and environment sustainability as the landscape evolves constantly, newer guidelines are introduced frequently, and compliances overlap multiple regulatory frameworks.

Blending her experience in Fashion Industry, certified education in Sustainable Fashion from University of London and her newfound purpose for life, she decided to play the role herself to solve one of the society’s toughest problems – Sustainability.

Today, Anamika and her team of sustainability consultants in London help Global businesses navigate the constantly changing sustainability landscape and minimise their impacts on the environment in pragmatic ways.

They consult, use proven frameworks to implement Net-Zero targets & Zero Waste practices, document SDG impact, disclosure and use it to build competitive advantage of their clients.

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